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7 interesting facts about coffee!

At CFS Coffee Lab, we are passionate about coffee and we want to share with you some aspects that make Colombian coffee culture so special:

1. Coffee as the axis of daily life:

Coffee is more than a beverage in Colombia, it is a ritual that sets the rhythm of the day. From the morning cup that awakens the senses to the afternoon tinto that accompanies conversations, coffee is present in every moment.

2. A social encounter:

Sharing coffee in Colombia is an invitation to foster human connection. In homes, on farms, in the streets, and cafes, the aroma of coffee calls for conversation, the exchange of ideas, and the creation of lasting bonds.

3. A family legacy:

Coffee farming in Colombia is a tradition passed down from generation to generation. Coffee-growing families have perfected cultivation and processing techniques for centuries, preserving knowledge and passion for coffee.

4. Our country's pride and joy:

Coffee is a source of pride for Colombia. Its exceptional quality and international recognition have made it an ambassador of Colombian culture worldwide.

5. Sustainability and responsibility:

Colombian coffee cultivation is characterized by its commitment to environmental and social sustainability. Coffee farms implement environmentally friendly agricultural practices and promote the well-being of coffee-growing communities.

6. Festivals and celebrations:

Coffee is the protagonist of numerous festivals and celebrations in Colombia. From the National Coffee Festival in Manizales to the National Coffee Roasting Contest in Popayán, these events are an opportunity to exalt coffee culture and enjoy the diversity of Colombian coffee flavors.

7. An intangible heritage:

Colombian coffee culture was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2011. This recognition highlights the importance of this tradition and the responsibility to preserve it for future generations. 

At CFS Coffee Lab, we invite you to immerse yourself in Colombian coffee culture. Colombian coffee is not just a beverage, it is a cultural experience that will captivate you. Our experts will guide you through the complexities of coffee, from bean selection and roasting techniques to the art of latte art. You will gain a deep understanding of the factors that influence coffee flavor, allowing you to consistently create exceptional cups.

Sign up for our courses today and discover the world of coffee brewing like never before. With our expert guidance, you will be preparing exceptional coffee in no time.

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